1961 Cushman Eagle

Cushman Eagle Air Filters

Our air filters are designed to fit most Cushman Eagle one (1) and two (2) barrel carbs just as if they were from the factory. Our Cushman Eagle air filters are made of high quality billet aluminum, and then polished to a brilliant shine. We also have models that have been chromed as shown below.

Cushman Eagle Air Filters

Cushman Eagle Air Filter 23 hp Cushman Eagle Air Filter 18 hp

20,21,23 hp and above
14, 15, and 18 hp

Comes standard with a high quality filter. Our Cushman Eagle 20 HP, 21 HP, 23 HP and higher mounts horizontally between the cylinders. The engine vent tube will vent (20 HP) into the base of the carb. This eliminates the additional oil breather, which are used on many engines.

Pricing: 14,16,18 HP filter $125.00 for Polished Aluminum, Chromed $175.00. 20, 21 & 23 HP are $175.00 for Polished Aluminum, Chromed are $205.00 for standard carburetor applications only. Price includes throtle lever adapter and throttle shaft return spring plus S&H.

We also have Throttle Lever Adapters which fit only the 2 barrel carbs for $35.00.  The Throttle Lever Adapter for the 18hp (not pictured) is $65.00.   This is similar to the Elbert Farris unit that was used for many yeaars.