1961 Cushman Eagle

CAM and Rev Kit

This CAM and Rev kit is designed to give your Cushman Vanguard Eagle peak performance from your engine and should add up to 5 horsepower to your stock engine.

The kit includes a CAM, 2 thinner head gaskets to increase compression, 4 push rods, up to 8 spring spacers depending on spring pressure required for a particular cam, 4 valve spring retainer caps and an offset key to give you around 10 degrees advance. Manufactured by various manufacturers depending on the performance you expect for your application. We have cams designed to give you the power in the RPM range we normally run.

Price starting at $265.00 and up plus S&H.

Cushman CAM and REV kit

Engines that have been run will need new lifters to insure no damage to cam Lobe surface.